PRINCE2 practitioner training including exam

This training leads to the internationally acclaimed PRINCE2 Practitioner certificate and is indispensable on every project manager’s resume. During the training you will learn PRINCE2 in its entirety. You will learn how to implement PRINCE2 in a project, you will learn to analyse project situations, and you will learn how to improve existing project control. After completing the training, you will be able to apply the new insights and techniques in your own projects. You will improve your effectiveness as a project manager and your contribution to the organisation’s goals.

Target group

Team managers, project leaders, project managers, Project Support Officers (PSOs), programme managers, portfolio managers, advisors, staff members and consultants.


PRINCE2 has been the standard project management method in The Netherlands for many years. Since 1997 more than 150,000 people in the Netherlands have been certified on Foundation and Practitioner level.

PRINCE2 provides practical tools to prepare, plan, execute and complete your project in a controlled way. PRINCE2 also provides building blocks for drawing up a handbook project management so that everyone involved speaks the same language.

Are you involved in projects and project management? Then knowledge of PRINCE2 is an indispensable tool for you.

PRINCE2 definition of a project

A project is a temporary organisation that is created for the purpose of delivering one or more products, based on an agreed business case.

Some benefits of PRINCE2

  • Managing the business case so that the organisation keeps track of the balance between expected costs and benefits of a project.
  • Clear roles and responsibilities, so that all stakeholders know what is expected of each other.
  • Product-oriented plans that ensure the business and the users can clearly define what products they expect from the project.
  • Clear concise reports for each management level in the project.
  • Timely escalation when the goals risk of being missed.
  • A procedure in order to ensure that the project does not change without control.
  • A cycle to process lessons learned in the project approach.

Structure of the method

PRINCE2 is comprised of four integrated components: the seven principles, the seven themes, the seven processes, and Tailoring PRINCE2 to the Project Environment .


Improve your organisation’s performance

PRINCE2 helps organisations to establish good routines and to agree on certain protocols. This improves collaboration, communication and organisational control. We see in our daily practice that these organisations are better able to achieve their goals. PRINCE2 can be fully customised to your organisation’s processes, standards and culture.

Increase job opportunities

Employers and customers highly value PRINCE2. We train job seekers monthly who find jobs thanks to their PRINCE2 certification. Self-employed also find an assignment sooner when possessing a PRINCE2 certificate.

Global Project Performance’s PRINCE2 trainings

  • Working on your own project.
  • Very experienced trainer.
  • Trainer evaluations CEDEO: 9,3.
  • Exam training.
  • Exam guarantee.
  • GPP Online.
  • The best training locations.
  • Interactive and challenging.
  • Presentations and exercises.
  • Guidance before, during and after the training.

Global Project Performance’s special conditions

  • Discounts for in-company training up to40%.
  • Unemployed at cost price.
  • Trainings throughout The Netherlands.
  • Implementation workshop in-company.
  • business discount for unemployed.
  • All-in prices.
  • Monthly trainings.
  • Special arrangement VAT exemption.

Global Project Performance: Authorised Training Organisation

Global Project Performance is officially accredited by APMG International for providing PRINCE2 trainings and conducting official PRINCE2 Foundation en Practitioner examinations.

Training approach

You bring in your own project. De training is led by a senior PRINCE2 trainer with extensive experience as a project manager and consultant at implementing PRINCE2. During the training days there is much room to discuss the participants’practical challenges. The training is interactive, practical and inspiring. You will build up knowledge and develop the skills to contribute to get started with them. The training is supported by GPP Online. Exam preparation is an integral part of the training.


PRINCE2 will be fully addressed during the training. The following topics will be discussed.

1. Principles

  • Continued business justification.
  • Learn from experience.
  • Defined roles and responsibilities.
  • Manage by stages.
  • Manage by exception.
  • Focus on products.
  • Tailor to suit the project environment.

2. Themes

  • Business case (Why?).
  • Organisation (Who?).
  • Quality (What?).
  • Plans (How, how much, when).
  • Risk (What if?).
  • Change (What is the impact?).
  • Progress (Where are we, where are we going, should we proceed?).

3. Processes

  • Starting up a project.
  • Directing a project.
  • Initiating a project.
  • Controlling a stage.
  • Managing product delivery.
  • Managing stage boundaries.
  • Closing a project.

4. Tailoring PRINCE2 to the Project Environment

PRINCE2 is a flexible framework that can readily be tailored to any type or size of project. The method offers the tools to tailor the approach entirely on the project environment like for a small project, a feasibility study, a multi-organisation project or a project in a programme environment.


You know how to implement PRINCE2 in your project, who you have to involve in it and how to tackle it at best. You are also able to improve existing project control. You will have learned to work with the following management tools in a project scenario:

  • Project brief.
  • Project initiation documentation.
  • Business case.
  • Benefits review plan.
  • Risk management strategy.
  • Communication management strategy.
  • Exception report.
  • End stage report.
  • End project report.
  • Lessons report.

Continuation trainings

  • IPMA C theory.
  • IPMA C or B praktical assessment.
  • MSP Foundation and Practitioner.
  • AgilePM and Scrum.
  • Change Management.
  • Project leadership.

Dates and Places: English trainings on incompany basis for 3 people and up

We only deliver English spoken training on an incompany basis from 3 people and up at the customer location.

For a quotation and arrangements feel free to mail to [email protected] or call +31 30 22 11 987.

Dates and Places: English trainings on incompany basis for 3 people and up

We only deliver English spoken training on an incompany basis from 3 people and up at the customer location.

For a quotation and arrangements feel free to mail to [email protected] or call +31 30 22 11 987.


If you have any questions regarding this information, need practical advice or want an quotation? Feel free to contact us.