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Are you looking for accredited PRINCE2 Foundation and/or Practitioner training in English in the Netherlands? Then join our monthly public classes or organize an incompany PRINCE2 training with your colleagues. During our PRINCE2 trainings you will learn how to apply PRINCE2. You will prepare for and take the official exams and add the internationally recognized PRINCE2 certificate to your resume.

We specialize in the practical successful application of PRINCE2 with minimal bureaucracy. Development of project management skills and competence, leadership and effective stakeholder engagement are central to our approach leading to better results and more work satisfaction. 

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PRINCE2 Foundation Exam

PRINCE2 Practitioner exam

1. Overview

  • During our PRINCE2 Foundation training you will experience the application of PRINCE2 from start up to project closure.
  • Our trainer will transfer key concepts and practices in an interactive way.
  • There is lots of space for assignments, discussion, challenge and lessons learned.
  • Exam preparation is an integral part of the training.
  • Before, in between and after training days you can practice in GPP Online.
  • The following topics are part of the programme:

2. Principles

  • Continued business justification.
  • Learn from experience.
  • Manage by stages.
  • Defined roles and responsibilities.
  • Product based approach.
  • Management-by-exception.
  • Tailor to the project environment.

3. Themes

  • Business Case (why?).
  • Organisation (who?).
  • Quality (what?).
  • Plans (how, how much, when?).
  • Risk (what if?).
  • Change (what is the impact?).
  • Progress (where are we now, where are we headed, (how) should we proceed?).

4. Processes

  • Staring up a project
  • Directing a project.
  • Initiating a project.
  • Controlling a stage.
  • Managing product delivery.
  • Managing a stage boundary.
  • Closing a project.

5. Tailor to the project environment

Each organisation, each project and each person is different. Therefor tailoring PRINCE2 is central to the effective implementation of the project management method. For example:

  • In what sector or functional discipline are project featuring?
  • What development methods are applied to develop project products?
  • Is there a need for a waterfall-, agile- or hybrid approach?
  • Is it a simple or complex project?
  • How is the government structure of the organisation composed?
  • What are the legal and sector specific laws and regulations that apply?
  • Is your project part of a programme or portfolio?
  • Is it a multi-organisation programme?
  • Is it a risky project or not?

6. PRINCE2 Foundation exam

  • You will take the PRINCE2 Foundation exam after the last training day.
  • It is an online exam.
  • You will get an exam voucher including instructions from our course administrator.

7. Study hours

Depending on your work- and think level, already present project management knowledge and experience, ability to concentrate people will need 2 to 3 days study in addition to the two classroom training days.

Project success is always a team effort

Project performance only really improves significantly if engaged project team members and stakeholders support and use a shared approach so all share and speak the same language. With our unique training portfolio you ensure that your investments in training and development actually result in verifiable performance improvements. Our incompany trainings are possible from 3 to 5 people and up. The trainings are fully tailored to your organisation's uniques needs and circumstances.  

Solution 1: Individual training

Choose an individual training if your role is to "scout" what the potential for your organisation is. An outcome of this training can for example be a presentation to interested stakeholders or decision makers such as the management team of your organisation.

Solution 2: Incompany foundation training 

During an incompany foundation training participants are introduced to the best practices. Through interactive knowledge transfer, assignments, presentation and discussion, participants develop awareness of the the best practice and the difference with their current ways of working. By the end of the training participants share a same vocabulaire that will support the development of a team improvement plan.

Solution 3: Incompany training plus

Does your organisation, department or team already have a defined approach but do you experience bottlenecks or problems? Do teams want to take the next step forward? And is there a need for complementary knowledge, understanding and experience to resolve issues? Then an incompany training plus is a good approach. You resolve issues and at the same time realize performance improvements on the short term.

Solution 4: Train to Transform

Do you want to ensure transformation of your project-, portfolio- and change management organisation for the long term? Does your organisation experience returning issues and mistakes? And soes your organisation, department or team need a breakthrough? In that case an investment in Train to Transform is a good solution to choose. Teams are trained on their own initiatives during an intense deep learning training programme and take the next step in the transformation of project management.

Solution 5: Organisational maturity development

Are the importance and urgency of the transformation of project management significant? Is an organisation-wide effort needed to realize desired performance levels? In that case you choose for organisational maturity development. A tailormade change programme is designed to ensure nothing is left to chance. Often P3M3-assessments, framework development, leadership training, individual competence training, mentoring, coaching and support are part of the programme.

Quote PRINCE2 Philips Healthcare

"Voor de fabriek van Philips Healthcare in Best hebben we alle managers en projectmanagers in de fabriek getraind in het toepassen van PRINCE2. Ook moest iedere deelnemer het examen behalen."
Philips Healthcare, PRINCE2-implementatie

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